Friday, 5 April 2013

Star Publications Berhad (STAR)

Looks like a good buy now that it has hit an all time low. Price has been quite stable on the low side. Buying activities are seen. Perhaps an election play coming? After all, it is linked to the Barisan Nasional component party, MCA. 

Earnings from the previous financial sheet has projected upon me that earnings are improving. Moreover, Star is actively promoting their new jobs site. They are introducing a revolutionary new way for job seekers to gain attention of employers, via Visume (Video Resume). Job seekers can upload their pitches to improve their standing in landing a job.

So far so good.Additionally, the reduction in number of newspaper copies sold, is balanced well with The Star's online news presence, being one of the top sites that Malaysians visit daily. I also like this company due to it being held by strong hands (MCA, Big funds in Singapore). I expect some upside for this company's share price. 

Have a happy weekend! 

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